Explore the world of data


“The processed data is information. The processed information is knowledge. Knowledge is wisdom.”

-Ankala V. Subbarao


Entre Datos is a digital platform in which users will be able to take advantage of the data that exists, that is to say, the data will be available to everyone regardless of their condition. The data alone is not useful, you need to use techniques display and analysis to get information of these.

For it, they will develop Projects in which data is obtained, preprocess and display easily. Thus, the end user, will be able to use this data to their advantage, no need to fight with data.

An example of the data that Entre Datos makes available to users is the levels of traffic and pollution in the city of Valencia in real time. The user can visualize on a highly descriptive map the levels of pollution and traffic in real time.

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Currently a large amount of data, of which, a large majority is available to everyone. However, not everyone has the skills to make good visualizations, no good analysis. Thus, we want this data to be available to everyone.

The last project we have launched is about a Crime Map in Spain